You Be The Boss!

You know, it’s pretty rough out there right now. Actually, it’s really rough. Everyday we hear something on the television about things in Washington not moving forward with this bailout or that bailout or you see another “going out of business” sign on the corner when you are driving to work, or maybe driving to a new job interview. It’s a pretty scary world out there right now for everyone.

But, as we have said all year long, you can either get washed up in the negativity of it all and be washed away, or Not! It may seem impossible at times to not become one of the statisitics, but just remember thisYou Are The Boss!

You Be The Boss!!

Whether you are the boss of your own company, of your own job, or just yourself – You BECOME The Boss!

If you are a business owner, remember this – people WANT you to stay in Business. They want you to continue to do business with them – they NEED you – PERIOD! If it is your vendors you purchase from – they are in desperate need of your business. So don’t allow them to bully you over with their unrealistic terms and conditions that you know you can’t meet. If it is your property owner or land owner – the last thing they want to have is another empty vacant office or store sitting on their property. They Need you to stay there and stay in business. If your lease terms are exceeding what you can do right now – go back to them and renegotiate that lease! If it is your employees – they need their job right now. So if you know that you just can’t meet their current standards right now, talk to them, set out a new plan – they would rather have a cutback for the next 6 months than be looking for a job for the next year.

If you are an employee – be your own boss by showing your employer that you value your position with the company and understand the hard times and will do the extra work that it will take to get through this. They would much rather keep on the hard working employee than the one that moans and groans about all the extra work they have to do right now. Be Happy that there is work to be done!

If you are just the boss of you – take control of yourself – don’t just be a victim. Sometimes it is easy to just sit there and blame everything on the economy and not do anything about it.

If you do find yourself in a hard situation – without a job – without any encouragement of advancement in your current situation for the time being – whatever it may be – don’t just complain about it – move forward. Allow yourself a little bit of time to pity and be sad because it is a hard time and a time to be sad and frustrated. But don’t stay in that mindset forever or you will never move forward. (go back to our previous blog- “Heartful Advice”- it really does have some good advice in there!)

We are not living in a world that has not been affected by this recession – advertising is one of the first expenses to be cut when things get tough – but we are not just going to lay down and let this roll over us and crush us. We are moving forward, trying to help those around us get through this and find new ways to keep on truckin!

The Baeredge is being the Boss of our Business – don’t forget to be Your own Boss too!