Is a Well Designed Logo Part of your Advertising Strategy?

A Logo is meant to be an identifier. YOUR identifier.

A logo is an important part of your advertising strategy. A logo is meant to be simple and clean, so that within seconds the person can identify the company that is attached to the logo. So many people try to educate within a logo instead of just making it reflect a little part of what and who they are.

Let’s talk simple logos… one of the simplest logo is the Nike check mark. When you see just the Nike swoosh you don’t even need to see the word NIKE. Like when the Nike swoosh is on a tennis shoe you know that it’s Nike. Right next to Nike is Apple which is just an apple… but oh, the power of that Apple, one of the richest companies in the world and they choose the name and the actual fruit to brand their name. Why did Apple chose an apple for their advertising? I wish I knew, but I don’t. But it all started with an apple didn’t it… in the garden right? There are so many…the golden arches for the most successful fast food chain in the world, there are so many successful logos.

Choosing a logo can be hard and it can sometimes be overwhelming. One wants to keep it simple and clean, when it gets too busy the whole meaning can get lost. The best way to test this is to show your logo to a person that doesn’t really know anything about your company and then take it away from them after a short time and ask them what impressed them or what they remembered? What was the take away? Did they get any of it? If they didn’t, you’re over thinking it and need to simplified the design. Remember a logo is what everyone will associate you with. A logo is your franchise!

Another typical example is font style, I saw a logo the other day that was so bad that their slogan was in a font that I couldn’t even read. Colors, can also be used as a style of logo, that when you pick a certain color it represents certain things. Like recycling and ecology like to use green a lot. Danger or Alerts or Safety can be marked with red. Font, color, size, and more…are all things that should be taken in consideration for a logo. Remember, everyone can come up with a logo, but it is the skilled and few that can come up with a logo that says it all quickly and effectively.

It’s why we love and do advertising… so call a professional when you need the help!