How To Use Social Video To Create An Amazing Online Brand

Consumers are demanding videos more than ever, however, businesses aren’t producing enough video content. In fact, 50 percent of Millennials prefer watching videos over reading content, according to a new study by Levels Beyond.

Sixty-one percent of consumers will watch a branded video if it’s shared by a friend, according to Levels Beyond. In addition, 50 percent of consumers will watch a brand’s video when they visit a website. Despite this demand for video content, 75 percent of marketers still don’t make video content a priority for their strategy.

Video content has made it possible for consumers to interact with brands across multiple platforms and channels. If your brand is yet to take advantage of this powerful tool for interacting with customers, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity to boost brand awareness and increase sales.

As you continue to integrate social video into your marketing strategy, here are five creative ways your brand can use social video marketing:

1. Create tutorials.

One of the most effective types of video content brands can create are video tutorials. According to Levels Beyond, 67 percent of consumers want to watch instructional or how-to videos.

When creating video tutorials, it’s a good idea to create a YouTube channel for your brand. This way, you can cross link the video content from your YouTube channel to the different areas of your website that talk about your product. By creating tutorial videos, you’ll provide more value for your audience and increase customer satisfaction.

2. Entertain your audience.

Another great purpose for using social video is to entertain your target customers. Remember, you want to build a strong relationship with your audience; therefore publishing entertain videos can boost this relationship.

There are a variety of ways you can entertain your target audience with video. For example, you can create a high-quality video telling your brand story and publish it to Vimeo. In addition, you could create a catchy or funny Instagram video that relates to your audience.

3. Build buzz for your product.

Over recent years, brands have taken advantage of social platforms such as Vine and Instagram to promote their products and build buzz. Publishing videos to these platforms is a great way to engage with your followers and encourage them to interact with your videos.

4. Educate your audience on an important issue.

Videos are an excellent way to present your target audience with valuable information about an issue facing your industry or a popular trend or topic. People want to be informed and educated about topics that impact their lives. By using video as a platform to educate your target audience, you’ll build a stronger relationship with them.

For example, show your audience how to create something using your product or demonstrate the pros and cons of a particular trend facing your industry. This type of video content will give your audience a valuable takeaway after they watch your video.

5. Announce new updates and promotions.

If you have big news to announce or have a new campaign launching, social video is an effective platform to use. Create videos announcing the date for a product launch or record an interview with the CEO of your company to talk about a new campaign. This is a great way to keep your customers informed and interested in your business.

If your brand hasn’t started using social video to reach more customers, then it’s time to start today. By following these tips for creating social video, you’ll be able to attract more people to your brand and create more loyal customers. Call the Baer Edge to schedule your video consultation.

Special thanks to guest blogger Ivan Serrano for sharing these tips.