Are You Looking Into TV Commercials And Don’t Know Where To Start?

Television commercial production can be daunting task for new TV clients. The idea of coming up with a script, talent, music, graphics, editing and final production can be very overwhelming and quite frankly frustrating to most people. The Baer Edge advertising agency takes the frustration and intimidation out of the process. Instead, we engage our clients to be involved in creating concepts for their marketing campaign and take those ideas and develop them into reality – a TV commercial that will broadcast their message and get results.

The Baer Edge ad agency brings a fresh perspective to sometimes old ideas. Campaigns may not work because they are just building on the same idea, over and over again. Instead, we look at your business from an outsider’s view but with an insider’s knowledge. Sometimes it takes a new look at your business from someone outside your business bubble, to get a new perspective on the company. Our production team works with our clients to develop these concepts and help them determine what will work and what might not.

Whatever your goal is, the basic concept of any television commercial should focus on what can your business or product does for the customer. Consumers want to know what can they get out of your business and why should they choose you over the competition. Remember the commercial is about the customer, not about you.

The Baer Edge creative team services range from initial conceptualization of TV commercial production, to script writing and talent & location scouting. Our post-production services include editing, voice-over & computer-graphic work & jingles. Our TV production team can shoot on location at your business or shoot in-studio with access to green-screen effects. We can work with any client and any budget – don’t let the idea of producing a TV commercial scare you away from making it a reality! You have an exciting business and want people to see it and share in it!

Get the edge above your competition by showing your products and services by promoting it on television! So what are you waiting for… Call the Baer Edge today!