Radio Commercial Production

Radio is a fun and creative way to express your message to potential customers. Sound effects, music and top-notch voice talent, combined with creative copy will make your advertising message come alive. The creative team at The Baer Edge has years of experience with radio production to work with you in developing a unique and influential commercial.

Radio commercials are a great vehicle for promoting your business. But the most important aspect of making an effective radio spot, is getting the message right! Your commercial can have all the bells and whistles jammed into 60 seconds of copy, but if you fail to give a message that will grab the listener’s attention, capture their imagination and move them into action, then your commercial is just another radio spot.

The Baer Edge ad agency can help by making your commercial distinctive, engaging and motivating with the right message, convincing those listeners why your product is right for them, right now! Customers want to know why they should listen about your product and you have about the first three seconds of your commercial to get their attention. Making your commercial stand out has to occur right from the beginning and keep the listener interested through the commercial helps drive home your advertising message.

Our radio commercials stand out from the clutter on the air – and get results for our customers. Clients across Florida and the Southeast have used The Baer Edge for their radio commercial needs. No matter what category, what message or what budget, we can make your radio campaign work for you! Check out our portfolio for a sample of our work!