Infomercial Production Company

When 30 seconds just isn’t long enough…

Infomercials – paid programming – long form advertising – all terms that describe the 30 minute commercial advertising format. Whether you love them or hate them, they are an effective and popular way for companies to advertise their product and services. Paid programming has come a long way from the days of selling the latest kitchen gadgets – this advertising medium is now expanded across all categories of automotive dealerships, real estate, religious & entertainment programming to health products and investment seminars.

Working with The Baer Edge creative team, you will experience not only professionalism and expertise in the field of long form advertising but also a creative and unique approach to entire process. Paid programming shows are typically 28:30 in length and will include between three to five segments about your product / service along with your call to action message. This message is your key selling portion of the infomercial. Just as with any other medium, your sales message is the most important part of the campaign. You must gain the interest of the viewer and motivate them to into action for your product / services.

The pre-production meeting will also set up the goals for budgeting, talent, location scouting, shooting and editing. During the editing process, voiceovers, graphics, animation, testimonials and sound mixing are incorporated into the video. These post-production effects will only enhance your selling message and should be trusted to experts in the infomercial industry that you will find in the creative team at The Baer Edge

Long form advertising can be a cost-efficient form of marketing when the overall cost is compared to the cost-per-lead that is brought in. A successful infomercial can generate a large amount of leads in a short amount of time. While many national advertisers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in infomercial production costs, The Baer Edge can offer quality production at a very competitive price. Our production is very effective for most infomercial needs of clients within the boundaries of a start-up budget. We can also shoot one infomercial at one location and edit the program to be used in various markets. This way of production cuts down on costs and allows a client to advertise their products in multiple markets.

The Baer Edge can also work with you in buying and placing your infomercial on television. Team members of The Baer Edge have substantial backgrounds in national long form advertising as well as buying on the local level. Strong negotiators and insightful buyers make The Baer Edge stand above the others when it comes to your infomercial needs. While we pride ourselves in making every dollar of your infomercial investment work for you, we also take our clients’ product claims seriously as well. We are dedicated to making your long form advertising interesting, accurate and profitable.

So are you ready to jump into the world of paid programming? Join other successful businesses that we have worked with across the Southeast, including the automotive industry in Atlanta, real estate and medical educational programming in Orlando, as well as entertainment and instructional shows in Jacksonville, Florida.