Billboard Advertising in Jacksonville

Your customers are surrounded by advertising messages everyday – from their televisions in the morning, radio in the car, ads on the internet, text messages on their cell phone, it’s everywhere. Outdoor, or Out-Of-Home advertising is an effective way to reach your consumers and speak directly to them as they are on their way to making their purchase. 15. That is the average number of hours people spend per week in their car. Imagine being able to capture that audience for even a portion of that time.

Billboard advertising can range from traditional interstate billboards, mobile advertising with car wraps and moving billboards, to bus wraps, bus shelter advertising and benches. You can target a specific neighborhood and speak directly with its residents and literally drive up to your customers with a mobile billboard and share your advertising message. Outdoor is a cost-effective medium to build reach and frequency and awareness of your product. Outdoor is Big, Bold and Always on your mind. Outdoor Advertising is a cost effective for merchandising purposes at retail locations, for event promotions, for directional informational to a retail, dining or housing development site.

For the Jacksonville market and beyond, all across the state of Florida, billboard advertising is an effective way to reach your potential customers. The Baer Edge can work with you and your business to develop an innovative approach to target your customers. Desire awareness, expect results and increase your return-on-investment – all services you can count on by partnering with The Baer Edge.