Print Ad Design

Your advertising is your business, it’s what people first see of your business! The level of professionalism in your marketing materials indicates how professional your business is. And if you have better marketing materials than the competition, your prospects will assume that yours is the better company.

People like to do business with professional organizations. Professionalism leads to trust . Make sure your print ads present you in your best light. Remember, your print ad is the first impression you make. You might list memberships, associations, years in business, name brands, or awards in your ads to look more professional. And of course use professional colors, imagery, and design.

National corporations spend millions of dollars branding their products, and the first place they start is in print! You can take advantage of this if you carry a national brand or product and use them in your print ads. Consumers trust these branded products! Associate yourself with winners.

Newspaper, magazines print is usually the fastest way to build confidence and trust in a consumer. You know the saying if they read it in print it’s a fact! People Won’t buy from you until they trust you! To be successful in newspaper advertising, you need to have patience, persistence and a budget to keep your newspaper running To build that trust. Newspaper is where to build a brand if branding is your goal.

Your print advertising should appear in the same place in the same newspaper for a consistent amount of time. It take time to build trust and usually this is in a three month time span. If you quit, you have to start building your brand and trust in your customer again. Don’t waste your money in newspaper if you can’t give it time to work! It’s also usually a commitment based on inches purchased which make your return on investment better if you plan to use newspaper longterm. Newspaper is usually not a short term medium Unless you are going to do half or full page ads with blaring headlines like “Going out of Business!”.

If you are going to use newspaper for an immediate impact it must include price and action! Your print ads can be used to inform the price conscious buyer in the NOW Mode but be forewarned if you have competitors in the paper don’t be a maverick and place your ad outside of where all your competitors are people are used to Going to one certain place to look for those “prices” in the paper and you want to be sure they see your ad! Attention is everything in newspaper placement make sure Your ad stands out, is in the right section and in an outside read column take charge don’t let your newspaper rep just run it anywhere!

There are nine critical components that should be in your print ads

  1. A powerful headline
  2. The basic idea of what you’re selling
  3. The proposition
  4. The exact offer
  5. A guarantee
  6. A call to action – immediacy
  7. Your name
  8. Your location (s)
  9. Your unique selling proposition (why to buy from you and not your competitor)