Direct Mail Marketing Company

Direct Mail Marketing is only as good as your list! Direct Mail is everywhere and if you’re not using this form of advertising, you could be missing out! Looking for a marketing campaign that will get your name in front of new customers? Direct mail takes you right to their mailboxes. Today, however, some of the most innovative and effective advertising is delivered through the mail, and more and more business owners are finding the rewards of direct mail are great if their campaigns are designed with a discerning eye and a realistic strategy in mind. Postcards are an effective medium for most products, because they cut down a barrier (the envelope) between the consumer and the message. However, some direct mail is more appropriate when crafted as a letter, especially those that involve high-dollar sales and financial services.

Always consider the paper your message will be printed on. Inexpensive paper communicates something very different from high-quality paper. If you’re selling anything that’s considered expensive, high-quality or custom, nice paper will communicate that message much more effectively than something inexpensive. The type of paper you choose makes little difference when you’re selling items that are inexpensive, sold at bulk rates or discounted.

Color –  go with caution and use wisely! Color will always catch more attention than black and white, but when it comes to color, more is not necessarily better. Additional colors may cost more money to produce–and too many colors can create a piece that’s confusing and cluttered–so consider what’s best for your product and message. By choosing one or two main colors and one or two supporting colors based on the feelings they elicit: Think about your product, corporate image and your audience when choosing color. Metallic colors are a great option for one- or two-color jobs.

Direct Mail is an effective way to target a niche customer or a broader customer profile if you decide to go the saturation route. Direct mail can have as many variables as you want! Stop sending out large quantities of Direct mail pieces with dead end leads get more effective targeted leads!

Business to Consumer Direct Mail Marketing

The Baer Edge offers Business to Consumer Direct mail marketing! Using our Bulls Eye Marketing we can help you market to your higher potential customers, i.e. clones of your existing customers.

We can help target the following:

  • Where are you spending your ad budget effectively?
  • What zip codes are your actual customers located?
  • What lifestyles and habits do they have?
  • How to reach them effectively through a media campaign!

Business to Business Direct Mail Marketing

In addition to Business to Consumer Direct Mail marketing, The Baer Edge offers accurate targeted lists for business to business mail campaigns. Using the Bulls Eye Marketing approach we can offer:

  • Business to Business Analysis
  • Top Market Targets

Business you haven’t sold to in your top market targets.