Predictive Hiring Analysis

Hiring and Firing cost money! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could know who would turn out to be a great salesperson or not? If you have a sales team with over achievers, just achievers and low performers…we can help!

We can actually take the DNA of your sales team and target the correct Lifestyle that is a performer for your company …yes; we can actually “CLONE YOUR BEST SALES PEOPLE!”… Now we can’t go out and find the clones…but we can help you in a pre-hiring process select the ones that are CLONES to your best performers and cut your expenses on training and re-training!

Acquiring talent is one of the most critical elements to make sure a business succeeds.

How are you finding, assessing and acquiring talent to bring into the organization to fill specific roles to meet the company’s goals. We have all heard the numbers that is cost a business to make a poor hire which include recruiting costs, lost productivity, poor performance and morale. No organization can afford to make a bad hire or lose that hire before the organizational benefits are realized.

Smart companies use all means at their disposal to improve their talent acquisition practices and today that includes behavioral assessments. S take the guesswork out of the selection process by defining the behavioral requirements of the job and identifying the natural behavioral drives of the candidate.  Our  information also provides key insights into the candidate’s training and coaching needs to support the onboarding process.

Learn how using a behavioral assessment and our performance on the job instrument can work together to provide your organization with a clear talent acquisition process for long-term hiring success.

So stop hiring and firing, training and re-training… get the advantage and start cloning your best salespeople… Call the Baer Edge!