Market Analysis

Cut the Waste Factor out of your Advertising Budget! Spend Less, Target your Higher Potential Customers and Get Better Results!

Many of the age old questions regarding advertising can now be answered by Bulls Eye Targeting our Custom Market Analysis. With these answers, the Baer Edge can create and develop effective advertising campaigns.

What questions plague you:

  • Should I still be in the newspaper?
  • What is my most effective ad budget?
  • What are my best selling zip codes?
  • Is my TV/RADIO/PRINT working?
  • Am I gaining/losing Market Share?
  • Based on my market, what advertising should I be doing?
  • Who is my potential customer and where to they live?

Advertisers spend a tremendous amount of money on advertising, media and direct mail. Typically we refer this to “spraying And praying” or the “shotgun approach”, they spray around an untargeted public with enormous amounts of promotional material And hopes or prays that some of it sticks. Until recently, this research has only been available to national advertising agencies And international clients.

The Bulls Eye Targeting enables a business to accurately identify and reach those specific consumers who have the greatest Likelihood of becoming future customers! How? Our Bulls Eye Targeting uses over 60 demographics and psychographics variables Along with Nielson, Arbitron, Scarborough, Mosaic, and Media Audit to name a few to target your higher potential clients.

We model your current customer database and use that to identify the lifestyle profiles using 72 unique variables that will allow Us to target the households and zip codes of your best potential customers. Zip Codes always generate a significant amount Of business for an advertiser. In fact, it is not uncommon for an advertiser to generate 25-50% of it’s business from their top Five selling zip codes. You need to know where the majority of your business is coming from in order to effectively target Your campaigns. Knowing where the majority of your goods are sold and how you are doing in these zip codes is important To your advertising. This information gives your valuable knowledge to make more effective advertising decisions. Strategies for Conquest and growth areas become easier. When you know how you are performing in each zip code (market share increases Or decreases) especially in key zip codes, it becomes easier to make quality advertising decisions.

So what are you waiting for? Start gaining unfair market share MORE THAN YOUR FAIR SHARE! Get the Edge, The Baer Edge!