Email Marketing Services

Were you aware that over 70% of the United States has made purchases from email advertising?

What makes a great Email Campaign?

  • the quality of your list
  • the subject line
  • your content or offer

Why? Because advertising works and the medium that more and more people are spending more and more time with is the Internet!

Responsible opt-in email advertising is where the future of email marketing is headed. Bulk emails traditionally come in two different forms – blatant spam and responsible opt-in email advertising. However, starting your own opt-in email campaign can take years of collecting email addresses of individuals who are willing to receive offers via email.

We can help!

We can help you build a data base of emails within your targeted market area and then use additional filters such as income, age, consumers or business to reach a better customer. Email Marketing campaigns can be done at the fraction of what direct mail campaigns can run and can be sent over a period of days to increase the reach and frequency which will result in better returns. Unlike print or traditional direct marketing, you can actually track how many people opened your email campaigns, and see exactly what they clicked on.

About 20-30% is a normal open rate but a lot depends on your list, your content type, and how frequently you send your campaigns (and how fatigued your recipients are). Your very first campaign may see a high open rate (like +70%) but things may level off with subsequent campaigns.

Your subject line is one of the most important elements of your Email Marketing campaign. It’s got to be relevant and compelling to each and every one of your recipients. You should be spending a significant amount of time writing your subject line.

Experiment by sending your campaign on different days (and times). If you’re trying to promote a weekend event, you might get better results with a Thursday campaign than a Monday campaign. If you’re sending to corporate recipients, you might avoid the morning email flood, and send just after people have deleted their usual early-morning spam.

People get tons of email. Why should they read yours? If you’re not providing compelling, useful content in your emails, they’re not going to open it. People don’t want to just hear from you. They want something useful from you! That’s why email is so popular it’s easy and useful! Now make it work for you! Call us and we’ll show you how to be on the cutting edge of email marketing!