Content Marketing Services

Content is king when it comes to websites.

Original content is one of the most important considerations in building an effective website for search engine marketing applications. Content is not only written for the human reader but for search engine spiders (ie computers reading your website).

Just as ineffective was the approach of using a company’s existing advertising materials as copy for website content. Spiders are not interested in your sales pitch and marketing research has shown that Internet users have a different expectation for communicating with you online. The web copy on your site has to provide the human reader with “easy to chew” pertinent information they can use to make decisions about doing business with you. Additionally, the spiders that crawl your site will be more responsive to indexing your web copy when it is written and structured specifically for search engine optimization.

To improve the search relevancy of the websites listed on their results page, Google introduced the use of latent semantic indexing. Sophisticated algorithms examine your usage of keywords and phrases to determine whether they are semantically similar. This requires that the keywords or phrases you selected be sprinkled throughout your site’s content. So, your organic listing on the search engines’ results pages is directly impacted by how well your web copy presents a theme for all of the pages on your website.

In a world where spiders reward the best search engine optimization techniques and the human reader expects attention-grabbing information, producing original content on every web page is the only way to maximize your website’s competitiveness. Our SEO professionals can recommend the most effective techniques for your site’s architecture, page formatting, internal-linking strategy, use of keyword phrases, URLs and page content.

Contact us today and let us show you how keyword-rich, naturally flowing web copy can improve your chances for Internet marketing success.