Media Planning

Media Planning Jacksonville

Media Planning

There is certainly quite a bit of information to consider prior to launching a media campaign. At the Baer Edge, we believe that good media strategy begins and ends with performance. We have developed a powerful reputation for delivering the most cost-effective results to our clients. We are able to deliver success through our unique approach to big picture planning, client service

The Baer Edge advertising agency has a team of media planners and some of the best media buyers in the business that will work with you to determine these objectives and work to get the best return on your investment. We want your campaign to work for you, bring in customers, and get results. Our priority is your business and we work for you. The Baer Edge’s objectivity to each medium helps guide you through determining who to work with and what will be your best options.

After creating and scheduling your advertising campaign, our customer service does not stop there. We continue to work with you throughout the campaign to evaluate the ongoing commercials and their effectiveness. By holding each station and vendor accountable for your campaign it ensures nothing is missed and you receive everything as scheduled. We do not wait until the end of your campaign to determine if any of your commercials did not run, your ad was not published or the wrong copy ran throughout the campaign. Our media buyers constantly stay in front of our vendors and in front of you.

Our specialty is in Media Buying/Planning we can really work a budget using either a horizontal or a vertical schedule to get the maximum reach and frequency that our client’s budget will allow.

All mediums work… it’s knowing how to work those mediums and that’s what gives us the Edge! We are an advertising agency that is set apart from the rest – we strive in the best customer service available, from the largest corporate clients to our small family owned businesses, you can guarantee that your media campaign will be handled by the best in the business. Media planning and buying is an extremely important part of your advertising campaign.  Let our team of media experts work for you in your advertising needs.