Automotive Social Media Marketing Jacksonville

Automotive Social Media Marketing Jacksonville

  • To Tweet or Not to Tweet?
  • Do you Facebook?
  • Do you have a You Tube Channel?
  • How are you reaching out to your customers?

Social Media is the only media where you can develop a customized relationship to your customer and if you do it correctly, that customer can turn around and be a “social salesman” for your dealership!

Are you customers Facebooking and Tweeting what a great experience they had at your dealership? Are they sharing the joy? And what happens when they don’t have a great experience, are they Tweeting and Facebooking that? (This is where you are pro-active and have a Reputation Management strategy in place!)

Loyalty is the key that drives the automotive industry and nothing has ever been more suited than to help increase that loyalty but social media. The emergence of social media has added another venue for dealers to leverage in order to interact with their customers.

7 Clear Trends in Automotive Social Media Marketing

#1: The new frontier for dealers is Social Media.

Although dealers are trying to increase their social presence, average confidence in their automotive social media strategy was relatively low. Dealers could grow the audience but they couldn’t seem to grow the lead generation. Many dealers find that social media channels don’t drive business and this is because they are picking and choosing what to do on the internet instead of having an accumulative online media presence that includes everything online and not picking and choosing what they will or will not do online.

#2: There is room for growth in Dealer presence across Social Media platforms.

Most dealers on are Twitter and Facebook, but most are not using it regularly or effectively. Very few dealers have You Tube channels, or LinkedIn or Google + profiles. Most dealers don’t even bother to “claim” Their business pages on directories such as Yelp, foursquare, and other social media platforms that enable customer feedback and rewards.

#3: Reputation Management is important – but dealers want to control customer interactions.

Dealers are most concerned about their reputation, but when it comes to online this is where most drop the ball. Dealers want to maintain control of their customer and their customer’s dialogue. Most dealers want to gain a better understanding about what is said about them online, but wanted to still control the conversations and relationships with both potential customers as well as current customers.

#4: Email marketing is essential.

Guess, what ranked second, right behind Reputation Management as first; for auto dealers email marketing! Not surprising, because email is such a well-known medium with clear metrics and the ability to provide value that dealers can understand.

#5: Search Engine Optimization – a Conundrum!

Most dealers understand what Search Engine Optimization is but yet they were still unclear on how to really take this powerful lead generator and make it work for them! This clearly shows us that dealers need to be educated more about the importance of SEO in their marketing mix and how to make more informed decisions about including SEO in their overall marketing strategy.

#6: Social Content – Still an Enigma.

Dealers feel that content generation for their social sites is still a challenge due to the time and creativity that is needed. Most found it a challenge to create current, relevant and unique content on an ongoing basis, and what content they were creating was unsophisticated (our nice way of saying boring) and not strategic at all. Most dealers are looking for a solution to truly create effective content across all types of formats without committing lots of time to do it.

#7: Analytics is Key.

Analytics is the key, the key to know if all your online efforts are working. Most dealers feel that creating content that will create interest is a challenge and finding the person and time to compete the task on a consistent basis is a chore. A social solution that could provide measurable results on a consistent basis has the potential to change a dealer’s entire perception of the value of social media!

If this feels like your dealership, and you are ready to stop the insanity and start getting results, get “the Edge” — and call the Baer Edge today!