Reputation Management Services

  • 73% of consumers consulted online Dealer reviews.
  • 91% of consumers said they would use reviews when deciding on a dealership
  • 91% of new car shoppers want to see service reviews before purchasing a car

Automotive Reputation Management is probably the most overlooked marketing strategy by most dealerships. You know the old saying, when you do something awful, everyone runs their mouth about the one mistake, but when you do something great, you have to beat people to get them to tell others about it! So frustrating! And we’ve all heard the “word of mouth” excuse. Well, now “word of mouth” is out of control when it comes to the internet. If you haven’t heard about “The Rip-off Report” then you must be doing something right! Dealers must be pro-active in their reputation management and it only takes a few “bad apples” to ruin the dozen.

Did you know that 97% of customers research business and products on the web? More and more people are checking reviews before they even consider doing business with a dealer. Reputation is everything to a dealer! Reputation Management is the process of tracking a dealers actions and other’s opinions about those actions, reporting on those opinions and actions, and reacting promptly to a report that creates a feedback loop for both dealer and customer.

Search Engine Reputation Management services are often used by dealerships who seek to proactively shield their brand or reputation from damaging content brought to light thru search engine queries. Some use these tactics , reactively, instead of proactively, in attempts to minimize damage inflicted by inflammatory websites, social networks, or blogs. Given now that 85% of auto shoppers start their buying process online, automotive reputation management is more crucial than ever. Consumer generated media as in blogs have amplified the customer’s voice, making their points of view — good or bad –relevant now to the buying process. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Content Management are both included in the strategies that result in Automotive Reputation Management.

Since search engines are a live and breathing entity and are dynamic and in constant state of changes and revisions, it is imperative that results are constantly monitored. Online automotive reputation management is the practice or act of monitoring the search engines pages or mentions in the online world. Once the search engines see that a dealerships has complaints and bad reputation, the search engine will have a goal to suppress the negative mentions entirely, thus resulting in pushing them lower and lower on the search engine results page to decrease your dealerships visibility.

Proactive reputation-building techniques can be responding immediately to public criticism, offering free products to prominent reviewers, writing positive comments and reviews in the guise of customers posting to forums and review sites. However, most search engines figure this out and attempt to screen out such covert actions, and rate with contributors based on how highly others value their remarks.

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Engine Branding Optimization

EBO – Engine Branding Optimization! What is EBO, EBO is like SEO on Steroids! The Baer Edge has a proprietary and exclusive relationship to sell the EBO Platform. EBO was designed by former car dealers that use a publishing network to publish and push the dealers websites thru the various search engines causing the dealership to not only rank on the search engines but to dominate in the search engines results. EBO is a great way to increase your market share and take market share from your competitors. EBO was selected by Digital Marketing Magazine as a finalist for their Technology Leadership Award in the Digital Marketing category. Leadership Awards historically focus on cutting edge technology designed to enhance the branding efforts of the participating automobile dealers. When SEO and SEM are not getting the results you need, it’s time to pull in the big guns – EBO! Please call The Baer Edge for a demo today and start monopolizing your virtual market area tomorrow!