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Ninety percent of all car sales start online. The internet has given car buyers freedom to shop at their own time, at their own pace, with no pressure.

Dealer websites are the virtual showroom and play an integral part to the sale of an automobile customer. Customers are now doing their research on not only what vehicles they want to look at but what prices they can find varying from dealer to dealer. Most customers will know more about a vehicle when they come into a showroom than the salesperson does!

Auto shoppers can look up models, availability, pricing, accessories, warranties, literally every aspect of the car they plan to buy. They can then post on their social sites, questions or concerns about that vehicle and get tons of advice from people they know and trust. Is your website friendly to use, does it load fast when searching inventory, can the customer find options for the car they are looking at? Customers will not wait for a dealerships website that can load inventory quickly in their searches.

A huge shift is afoot in the automobile industry to digital advertising.

According to a report form Borrell Associates, an ad spending tracking firm, Car sales are expected to jump 8 percent to 15.6 million vehicles and auto advertising will rise.

The rise of the internet has led to correlating decrease in visit to showrooms by potential lookers and now they are not entering the showroom until they are in the buying stage. This is why it is even more crucial to reach potential buyers online, first, when they are doing the research.

Online and mobile advertising will grow 18.7 percent this year.

Borrell forecasts, and this will come at the expense of the traditional media outlets esp. with newspapers and radio. Only direct mail and cable /TV advertising is seeing gains in traditional medial.

Good digital platforms are a must! The auto manufactures have stepped up and noticed of the jump in visits to their websites from serious buying prospects. Based on what they are seeing and the market is trending, they have all begun to shift the marketing plans from traditional to digital. Marketing spending from dealers, dealer associations, and manufacturers will all have to increase and expand their digital footprint.