SEO Essentials

1. Keyword Essentials:

The best keywords are 2-4 word phrases that describe what your business does. By using a common language that users are likely to type in, you increase your chances of being searched. If your keywords are too general then they’ll likely be too competitive. If your keywords are too specific then few people will search for your terms and you’ll get fewer potential visitors.
Common mistakes in selection of search terms include targeting:
· Single-word terms
· Terms that are way too broad, and not focused to what you offer
· Terms that are too specialized, which nobody searches for
· Terms which are unpopular
· Highly-competitive terms which you can’t hope to rank well for

2. Great Content:

Once you understand what people are searching for, you can then ensure you have content matches. For example, if your company sells car parts and saw that there was interest in performance parts. Do you currently have a web page that covers performance parts? If not, that’s content you will want to create.
You’ll find that when you follow the market trends and update your website, you have more chances of search engines finding you.

3. Building Links:

Build links is one of the primary ways search engines decide which pages should rank well. Content that has high-quality links pointing at it gets a boost.
Unfortunately, when people hear this, they often go about building links the wrong way. They think is more about quantity than quality. They may try to drop a link in to every blog, post, and tweet regardless of whether they’re relevant.
The best way to gain quality links, is if another company with a high standard of internet posts, links to your site. This shows search engines that you are a sought after company.

4. Social Media:

There is one easy way to earn high standard links-by being social. Open an account under your company with Facebook, Twitter, and especially Google+. Share your content through these and other appropriate social networks. Your followers will increase your company ranking by sharing your posts with others. All of that sharing is a “social flare gun” that search engines are beginning to use to help understand good content.