Bad Economy? Great Opportunity!

While many companies cut Jacksonville advertising when the economy slows down, savvy marketers understand that a slow economy is an amazing opportunity for companies that want to grow.

Companies such as Dell, Starbucks, Staples and Little Caesars all experienced tremendous growth in previous recessions by seizing the opportunity to reach potential while their competitors were cutting back.

Why is Advertising now a good idea?

It’s your chance to “buy low”. When the economy slows, many advertisers cut back or stop advertising. Media outlets respond by dropping rates. The best bargains in advertising can be gotten when the economy slows down. Think of it as dollar cost averaging.

Your share of voice is multiplied as the advertising noise is reduced. It’s always better to be one of two or three advertising in your industry instead of one of ten or twelve, right?

Your top of mind awareness among consumers can go uncontested for months at a time. During these times your more timid competitors will fall behind and may never catch up.

During a recession, customers don’t stop buying. They become more selective and look for value.

They are going to buy from someone, and they’re likely to buy from businesses they know and like. Make sure they know you.

During any period of economic downturn, your best customers become someone else’s best prospects. When you stop inviting them to do business with you, a more aggressive competitor may become much more attractive.

By establishing a strong working relationship with your customer, you will build trust. This is always the best way to keep customers long term. The more you do for your customers, the more they do for you!

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