How To Increase Your Conversions AdWords (Part 1 of 6)

How To Increase AdWords Conversions

Increasing your Pay-Per-Click conversion rate is the most challenging hurdle to overcome when investing money. Some of the most obvious things about AdWords are often overlooked. Most of the time people get caught up in how much money they are spending or how much they are bidding for keywords.

Here are the most common things you should seriously consider improving

Optimize Landing Pages

Most of the time advertisers don’t think about what they are showing once the customer gets to their site. They think the hard part is getting them there, but the real challenge is keeping them there. Here are some things to think about

  • Make your landing page short and to the point
  • Your Call-To-Action buttons must clearly explain the benefit of clicking
  • Have multiple buttons and Call-To-Action areas
  • Make sure your product/service description isn’t too long
  • Have a clear product/service highlight area

Make Sure Your Account Settings Are Correct

The backend of AdWords may look very detailed and might seem complex. If you forget something or don’t add something to your account, you may be missing conversions. Here are a few things you could look out for:

  • The structure of your account, e.g. making separate product categories.
  • Identify relevant keywords that generate conversions using keyword planner
  • Utilize all of the AdWords extensions to make the most of your ad real estate
  • Revising your content to add urgency to your ads
  • Applying AdWords filters e.g. negative keywords, non-relevant traffic, etc.

Test your ads and targeting methods

All markets are different and there isn’t an exact way to run your ads. You have to test the different ad networks to see which one is giving you the most bang for your buck.

  • Watch your Cost-per-click. Change your bids to stay competitive
  • Check your average position of your ad. Make changes accordingly
  • Number of clicks converted to leads
  • Cost per conversion

Keep in mind that while not every ad you run will be successful and you will have to make changes as you go. Just don’t get discouraged and keep making changes to stay competitive and earn the most profit for your company. Contact Us Today For More Information!