Incorrect Advertising Examples

Word Relation

Numb Sensation… Sounds like a weird way to describe your product. In fact, this way of advertising happens quite often in the world of products. It’s called Oxymoron Advertising and puts the reader in a state of confusion. This is an example of poor “Word Relation”. Meaning the choice of words directly contradicts your product or service. Be conscious of word relations when; naming a company, creating a slogan, creating a catch phrase for your business, or writing content for advertisements.

When you are doing your own marketing, it’s hard to look at it from an outside point of view. You know your industry or product from the inside out. When you try to market or explain it, it’s hard to because you can’t look at it from an outside point of view. For example, if you were a car dealer and you posted an ad for “secondary finance” many of the people you are trying to reach would not respond. Most people that fall into the “no credit, bad credit, or divorce ok” category would not know that in the car industry they are referred to as “secondary finance”.

A good example of a confusing message is when the owner of a small business names his company “Forever More Products.”  What does that sound like to you? To me, it sounds like feminine hygiene products. Would you believe it was a DOOR company? This is an actual company that needed help from our marketing agency. When the client told me his DBA name, actually had the word “door” in it, we immediately changed the name.  Crazy huh?  Sometimes it is!  Sometimes you need someone from the outside to look in, and sometimes you just need a marketing professional!

Marketing a company is sometimes difficult at best but by no means rocket science. Some of your best artillery in the war of advertising isn’t a cheesy play on words, but a classy word relation. A perfect example of excellent word relation is the company “Tesla Motors” and their slogan “ALL American, ALL Electric, ALL the Time. The word “Tesla” alone, has a powerful and innovative meaning, which is backed by a fan base. Their product matches the word Tesla and their slogan perfectly. What better way to describe to your customers that you sell supercharged electric vehicles that are made in America.

Keep your company product in mind when naming your company and writing content for advertisements. We all learned in grade school the Who, What, When, Where, and Why’s that are essential for writing a good article. Now all you have to do to take that same concept and incorporate it into advertising. Add a creative perspective and excellent Word Relation and don’t be afraid to ask for expert help, it does and can make a difference!