Google AdWords Remarketing (Part 5 of 6)

Google AdWords Remarketing / Retargeting

To describe AdWords Remarketing, in a nutshell, your ads follow a user after they have left your site. Let’s just say you are shopping for the hottest shoes for spring 2017. You found the pair you like but they are out of your price range right now. A few days later you are checking the weather for this weekend and by some freak event, you see an image of the same shoes on the right-hand side of the weather site. I would image that by now you have jumped up and checked under your bed for internet creeper monsters. I’m here to tell you that’s not the case, and you don’t need to worry because you have been remarketed.

How Does Remarketing Work Anyway?

Search Network:

There are multiple ways to be retargeted in an ad campaign. When it comes to the Search Network in AdWords, you have to click on an ad and then it logs your IP address. This is just another way for Google to make sure its clients are getting their money worth on ad placements. If you are an advertiser, this is a great way to make sure your budget is being spent on potential customers that actually want to see your ad.

Display Network:

This option for remarketing isn’t as precise as the Search Network. When dealing with the display network, all that needs to happen is the user search a key term that you have set to your display ad. For example, you have a bike repair shop and your display ads show someone working on a wheel. If you have designated “Bicycle Rim Repair” as a key term for that ad, then whenever someone searches for that key term, they will see your ad. This is a great branding technique because the user doesn’t have to click on your ad to be retargeted.

Can I Just Add Remarketing To My Existing Ad Campaign?

AdWords will allow you to add a remarketing list to your already running campaign, but it will take precedent over anything else. It’s best if you set up a new campaign within that account and designate a new budget. That way you can track the new user searches and the remarketed user searches.

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