Ensuring Front-End Employees Comply With Brand Standards

1. Hold your front-end employees accountable for brand – compliant customer experiences.
Many company’s have customer experience goals, but do not measure if these goals are being met. For example, some companies expect contact teams to place a post-interaction follow up calls or surveys. They ensure that the customer is satisfied with any service received. The only way to validate that this contact occurs – and to assess its quality – is to pair contact management and post-interaction survey tools.

2. Track and respond to individual front-end employee performance.
Real time insight to every contact is essential to being a service leader.
Taking immediate action to negative experiences with your brand retains existing customers. This approach allows you to provide immediate coaching to employees who need it.
3. Make sure employees adhere to brand supported interactions.
By utilizing surveys you can track whether your team is upholding your brand standards. With the right type of survey questions, your customers can tell you directly if their experience reflects your brand promise and expression. Your management staff can use customer feedback to highlight areas needing attention and compare that with new interactions.
4. Track brand experience across your entire service footprint.
The largest corporations take a multi-layered approach to front-end analysis. To differentiate between areas of strength and weakness in your organization you need to enhance brand experience at multiple levels.
By identifying successful practices from one area to another you can implement procedures to strengthen knowledge sharing to improve customer experience.