Incorrect Advertising Examples

Word Relation

Numb Sensation… Sounds like a weird way to describe your product. In fact, this way of advertising happens quite often in the world of products. It’s called Oxymoron Advertising and puts the reader in a state of confusion. This is an example of poor “Word Relation”. Meaning the choice of words directly contradicts your product or service. Be conscious of word relations when; naming a company, creating a slogan, creating a catch phrase for your business, or writing content for advertisements.


SEO Essentials

1. Keyword Essentials:

The best keywords are 2-4 word phrases that describe what your business does. By using a common language that users are likely to type in, you increase your chances of being searched. If your keywords are too general then they’ll likely be too competitive. If your keywords are too specific then few people will search for your terms and you’ll get fewer potential visitors.
Common mistakes in selection of search terms include targeting:
· Single-word terms
· Terms that are way too broad, and not focused to what you offer
· Terms that are too specialized, which nobody searches for
· Terms which are unpopular
· Highly-competitive terms which you can’t hope to rank well for


Ensuring Front-End Employees Comply With Brand Standards

1. Hold your front-end employees accountable for brand – compliant customer experiences.
Many company’s have customer experience goals, but do not measure if these goals are being met. For example, some companies expect contact teams to place a post-interaction follow up calls or surveys. They ensure that the customer is satisfied with any service received. The only way to validate that this contact occurs – and to assess its quality – is to pair contact management and post-interaction survey tools.


How To Use Social Video To Create An Amazing Online Brand

Consumers are demanding videos more than ever, however, businesses aren’t producing enough video content. In fact, 50 percent of Millennials prefer watching videos over reading content, according to a new study by Levels Beyond.

Sixty-one percent of consumers will watch a branded video if it’s shared by a friend, according to Levels Beyond. In addition, 50 percent of consumers will watch a brand’s video when they visit a website. Despite this demand for video content, 75 percent of marketers still don’t make video content a priority for their strategy.

Video content has made it possible for consumers to interact with brands across multiple platforms and channels. If your brand is yet to take advantage of this powerful tool for interacting with customers, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity to boost brand awareness and increase sales.

As you continue to integrate social video into your marketing strategy, here are five creative ways your brand can use social video marketing:


Is a Well Designed Logo Part of your Advertising Strategy?

A Logo is meant to be an identifier. YOUR identifier.

A logo is an important part of your advertising strategy. A logo is meant to be simple and clean, so that within seconds the person can identify the company that is attached to the logo. So many people try to educate within a logo instead of just making it reflect a little part of what and who they are.


Internet domain names grow to 177M

The Internet added 24 million new domain names in 2008, according to a fourth quarter report by by Internet infrastructure services company VeriSign Inc.


Viewing Across Screens Grows, Nielsen Report Says

The average American’s usage of TV, Internet and mobile continues to increase, with TV use hitting a record high, according to the Nielsen Co.’s second “A2/M2 Three Screen Report.” The average time a U.S. home used a TV set during the 2007-08 TV season increased to 8 hours and 18 minutes per day, the highest number in Nielsen’s TV-measuring history. The average person in the U.S. clocked 142 hours of television in one


It’s a Google World

Interesting excerpt and perspective from recent posting on

Google raises our expectations about things both deep and shallow. Unhappiness and anxiety dwell in that space between reality and expectations. When our expectations about significant things – justice, peace, health, and knowledge – exceed reality by significant margins, the difference can motivate us to achieve marvelous things both collectively and individually. But when that tension is constant and loud about things trivial –


It’s Tuesday – Time to Face Your Fears

So from our conversation last week – you are aware that Social Media is a Key tool in reaching more people with your marketing message.

You are an expert in how social media can boost your search engine hits and Web traffic. How Social Media can increase brand awareness and perception. How Social Media can help you reach new audiences and strengthen your relationships with your current customers. And how Social Media can enhance your brand and business in ways traditional media cannot.


Friday Fast Facts

As you are reading this blog – you are an example of why Social Media is so important to tap into…

Here are 5 Friday Fast Facts on Why You Need to Boost Your Social Media Life this weekend! 

  • Help manage your company’s or brand’s reputation
  • Build brand awareness and helps improve how people view your brand.
  • Gets you closer to your customers. Learn about their needs then respond. Discuss converse, debate.
  • Offers creative and effective ways to learn insights not previously available.
  • Features new and inexpensive ways to support your clients.

Go ahead and indulge – here are 2 last fast facts to ponder…

Social Media  –

Is typically less expensive than traditional advertisingOffers various ways to measure and track performance

Stay Tuned for Next Week’s example of how this social media stuff really does pay off!