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The Correct Automotive Advertising Message Delivers Gross Profit

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One of the essential elements of an advertising campaign is the features of the product or service. The features are what the product offers that the customer can benefit from. For example, when selling cars, a feature would be that the interior is leather. This is a specific feature that this car offers that other cars do not. By focusing on a specific feature you can find a specific buyer looking for a specific car with the leather interior your offer.


Benefits are another essential component to include when creating an advertisement. While benefits are closely related to features, they are not the same. For instance, a feature of a cars interior is leather. A benefit tells the customer why the leather is attractive and what it does. With leather, the seller could claim that it stands up to traffic better than other interiors, which keeps it looking better over the long term.


Effective advertising often includes some wording to create a sense of urgency. When urgency is created, it often spurs customers into action. For example, saying that the product is available in “limited cars” might entice a customer to make a purchase. Without urgency, the customer may feel like he can wait until a more opportune time. This will also give them time to “shop around” and find a different car or a different dealer with more urgency.


In a successful advertisement, layout of the information is sometimes just as important as the information itself. You must make the advertisement look appealing to the customer. Simply putting some words in a digital ad do not create an advertisement. Combine visually appealing elements such as color, word placement and font size. Including images and logos can also help the overall appearance of the ad.


After presenting the features and benefits and creating a sense of urgency, it is important to make an offer to the customer. The offer typically includes the price, financing terms or some other information that the customer needs to make a purchase. You tell the customer where to go to make a purchase, such as a website or a car lot. This is important as the customer needs to know what to do next after seeing the ad.

I’ve worked with Victoria since 2009, helping with her client’s web and video needs. I love how she always has her clients’ best interests at heart. If something is not working right, or if a vendor is not performing up to par, she will fight for her clients to get the service they deserve. She works well with vendors, providing clear expectations and offering insight along the way so that it’s easy to produce a great product! She is a stellar marketer and I am honored to be considered one of her preferred partners.

Rachel Cardy, Siskey Productions

I met Victoria in 2014 when I was looking to increase the portfolio of my practice. We started out with television and then we upgraded and expanded our website. We are very pleased with the results and I felt Victoria was very helpful in achieving the results we were looking for. Victoria had a vision for where we needed to go and delivered results. I enjoyed working with Victoria because she let me focus on my practice while she focused on helping build my practice. I personally recommend Victoria and her agency to others!

Demere Mason, Mason Law Firm

I had the pleasure of being Victoria’s boss when we worked for a local TV station. She was the top new business sales leader and for a good reason, her clients knew she could produce results for her. We both left the station and luckily Victoria started her own ad agency. For the past several years, I’ve had the opportunity to hire an ad agency. My first choice was The Baer Edge. Our event has continued to increase revenue every year we’ve used The Baer Edge. We love the way she just “handles it and gets the job done” with very little input from us because she just KNOWS what to do! I recommend Victoria and her agency. If you are looking for help with your business call The Baer Edge.

Susan Hagaman, Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine

I met Victoria years ago when she helped us in the car business. The auto industry is so competitive and Victoria always came up with some out of the box thinking and helped us sell more cars! I enjoy working with Victoria because she cares about the business like it’s her own. She knows the auto industry like no other ad agency I’ve seen and she makes my job easier! I recommend Victoria if you need help with your dealership! So give her a call today!

Darrell Bradshaw, Goldentech

I first met Victoria when she worked on the website for an urgent care clinic that had multiple locations within the state of Florida that I was employed with. When the company sold, I left and became the CEO of a start-up urgent care group. Given that capital was tight and fast growth was needed, I brought Victoria in to consult with us. She worked within our very limited budget and helped us realize our growth objectives. Victoria works well with clients and has no trouble sticking to deadlines or budgets. I would recommend Victoria and The Baer Edge to any business that needed someone who is an expert in advertising!

Mark Reddinger, Former CEO, St. Vincent's First Care

We have worked with Victoria for many years and she has always made our company her top priority. We offer a unique service that requires us to have a strong web presence on both the international & national markets. Victoria and her agency are exceptionally skilled at handling complex marketing issues. What I like most is they are on top of the latest technology & trends. If you have an idea and it creates an obstacle, Victoria has the tenacity to plow through it and create something fantastic! I would not trust anyone else to get the job done right, I highly recommend her for your marketing and web needs.

Monica Iversen, Wolfpacc Medical Prep Course

My organization has had the pleasure of working with Victoria for years, and we’ve always been extremely satisfied. She consistently has provided friendly, top-quality service and been very accommodating of our needs. She goes out of the way to make sure she understands exactly what we want, and works to give us a polished final product.If you are looking to work with someone who truly takes pride in her work, then I would definitely recommend Victoria!

Jill Ketron, Bayat Foundation

Many Jacksonville agencies are just discovering digital marketing, which shows how far ahead Victoria was when she introduced me to the Internet nine years ago. Because of her passion for business, she quickly became a strategic member of our team. Her skills aren’t just limited to the web. She can write your radio script, design your advertising and manage it all on your Facebook page. A real Pro!

Dave Freeman, VP, AppSoft Development

Dream Doors has used the Baer Edge agency since 2000. We have been exceptionally pleased with their hands on approach. Results from their placements has caused our business to grow each year.

The Baer Edge suggested TV spots and internet presence to grow our business. Before then, we used magazine ads, direct mail and door knockers. None had the effect we were looking for.

If you are looking for professionalism and results from your agency, we highly recommend The Baer Edge agency.

Mike Sheffield, Owner, Dream Doors

I’ve known and worked with Victoria for over ten years on different projects and she has the determination and skill set to handle different situations and find solutions for her clients. Victoria really cares about getting results for her clients. I would recommend The Baer Edge for any advertising needs and certainly to help build a business.

Richard Harris, CEO, Customer Resource Inc.

No one will work harder to see you succeed! I’ve worked with Victoria for several years with several clients and she in not only very knowledgeable in the advertising business but really cares for her clients and goes the extra mile for them. I have personally recommended her agency to clients that I have worked with because of this ! If you are looking for an ad agency, I would consider The Baer Edge for your marketing needs.

Cynthia Maycott, Money Pages

Victoria worked with me to design a safety campaign for Vinnell Arabia, including a logo for an international operation in need of modernization. She took the time to listen to my concerns and goals and produced a logo that was so effective we modified it for use as the new company logo! She is knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with. I would not even consider using anyone else for my marketing needs!

Scott Pool, Vinnel Arabia

Victoria is very professional and knowledgeable. Her and her team always deliver the highest quality products. We recommend The Baer Edge for all of your business needs!

John Widdows, CEO, AppSoft Development

My company has been working with The Baer Edge for over 10 years. Victoria has been very productive in making sure that we reach our goals and has shown us she can deliver results. She is passionate about her work and will go way beyond what is expected.
We have grown our business using the internet and The Baer Edge has been an integral part of that. Walt Braithwaite, CEO & Founder of Talent Joe

Walter Braithwaite, CEO,

Victoria is very knowledgeable in the advertising realm and has been very integral with our internet division of our company. She has helped us expand and grow our business over the past few years. Service is a high priority for Victoria and I would highly recommend The Baer Edge for your marketing needs.

Terry Barnes, CEO, Nusani Inc.

Very professional and talented group!

Jeremy Smith, Digital Marketing Director, AppSoft Development

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