Another way to view the current economic situation

In the U.S., so much fear has arisen in regard to our economy. It is important for us not to look at our current economic situation as dire, or bad, or disastrous. Instead look at it as “fallow”.

The wise farmer allows portions of his fields to lie fallow for a season or two in order for them to rest and regenerate rich ground for crops without being depleted or worn out over generations of use. Thus we have entered a fallow financial cycle.

Things come in cycles. While every cycle has its own flavor and is unique, we continue to move through the same types of experiences and cycles again and again. Just as the seasons change from fall to winter to spring, then burst into summer to turn back to fall, our economies have active growing seasons followed by still, declining times. Rather than circular, though, this economic cycle is part of a spiral progression.

Now is the time for resting, taking a break, remaining still. It is a process that is needed for the economy to continue to support and sustain us. Thinking of it as still, rather than falling apart, can help us to manage fear. If you need to take steps that are right in front of you, by all means, do so. However, most of the energy and stress is not coming from actual circumstances but fear of the future and “what if’s”.

Consider the gifts that this time provides us. As the economy slows down, there’s a chance to meet ourselves in a deeper way. Fall and winter are a time for stillness, rest and dreaming. The combination of the economic circumstances and the change of season are an invitation for us to go within, review our lives and simplify.

Economic growth is exciting, but it can be tiring as well as we rush about to make more money and to keep up with it. In pursuing money opportunities, we may not even stop to wonder if that’s truly what makes us happy and fulfilled. By going within, meeting our fears and finding what is most important, we have a chance to transform and rest.

Is it possible to still thrive financially in this time? Of course! But, if we’re trying to create great financial growth in a time when the energy around us is committed to the season of slowing down, success in this endeavor will require more effort and focus.

If we flow with the natural cycles, we can take advantage of universal energy. Yes, it can be scary to go within, to meet ourselves and stop distracting ourselves with external matters such things we buy, our work, outward striving and the places we go.

Manage the fear and discover new resources of self, a rich, deep, rejuvenating sustenance to be accessed during the economic fallow time.