Google AdWords Display Ad (Part 3 of 6)

Google AdWords Display Ads

Have you ever been searching for something on Google, like a new pair of shoes? Days later you see an ad with those same shoes, right? You have been introduced to the AdWords Display Ads, and it’s a strong way to drive business to your site. These ads show multiple times, and they really do work in helping someone make a decision.

Did you know that an effective marketing strategy will show your ad to a prospective client 20 times before they buy it? Yes, you read that correctly, 20 times is the magic number and has been for a very long time. Thomas Smith wrote a guide for Successful Advertising in 1885, and the saying he used is still being utilized today! His saying shows the breakdown for each of the 20 interactions.

What does this mean for your business and your display campaign? Quite a lot actually and we are going to cover one of many important ways to advertise a display ad.

How can you set up successful Display Ads?

This question can be answered a few ways, but the simplest answer, create the “want” using images and text.

Whether you are advertising for a specific product, service, or sale, you will need to build an attractive ad. You can do this by following 3 easy steps to building a successful display ad.

  1. Introduce your brand or product. Start your ad with an introduction and you have opened the lines of communication with your prospective customer. This will take out any confusion with a complex ad. I.e. this is my company and this is what we are offering. Clean and simple is always the best practice. Take a look at your national competition to see how they are advertising.
  2. Make a promise. This may sound scary but I assure you it isn’t. Promise something to your prospective client and you have created a standard by which you do business. I.e. Memorial Day Sale! 25% Off of Entire Store! Having a clear opportunity for your prospective customer will create that warm fuzzy feeling of the “want”.
  3. Call-To-Action. This one is probably the most important because without asking for your prospective client to do something, there is no urgency. People will think “I can just do it later” and provoking this thought will make a very unsuccessful campaign. Think about a clever way to ask for something without sounding needy. A simple way to do this is by adding an expiration date to your ad. I.e. This Weekend Only!

If done correctly, you will have shown what you are advertising, promised a benefit for buying from you, and shown that it can’t wait for tomorrow. Build your ads on these simple steps and include a striking graphic, then you will drive business.

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