Automotive Dealer Marketing Jacksonville

Automobile dealer marketing is a unique strategy into itself. If you have enough money, anyone can just throw enough out there to make a message seen and heard. The problem with that is quality of messaging. At The Baer Edge, we create a stellar automotive website design for your online platform. Then to make a real impact in Automotive Advertising, we help you focus on five elements. These five elements are unique to automotive advertising and they are market tested.

  1. Repetitive Advertising
  2. Claims Advertising
  3. Association Advertising
  4. Bandwagon Advertisements
  5. Promotions Advertising

Let’s break them down.

Repetition Advertising

Repetitive marketing allows the customer to commit to memory or build brand awareness. Repetition is a very simple technique but sometimes not effective. For example, do you remember the commercial that kept repeating “head on, head on” but what did that product do? Repetition works best when the product name can be mentioned more than once and when you have audio and visual working together.

Claims Advertising

Claims advertising is an advertisement that promotes specific features or makes claims about what a product or service can do. This will build hype, which a lot of dealers do, or simply state a fact. The best results happen when you inform, educate and develop expectations for the buyer. One thing that automotive advertising should stay away from is misleading messaging. Thru omission or leaving out pertinent information that will cause problems for the dealer or better known as heat.

Association Advertising

Jingle, jangle, famous spokesperson or the dealer himself is a type of advertising called association. Association creates a powerful response and if done correctly can create a strong psychological connection in the customer to the product. This is a prime example of why we see babies, animals, and beautiful woman used all the time. People want to feel connected and if they see something that they think will change their life by associating this product with that change, then you have created an emotional response, making your product attractive through transference. Remember, Bob Seger’s song, Like a Rock, for GMC, that used association and music and a famous person himself doing the ads to bond with the buyer.

Bandwagon Advertisements

Join the crowd and get on the bandwagon! Don’t be left out everyone is driving the newest greatest automobile! You will be left out in the cold if you do not buy this automobile. This is referred to as the “bandwagon” technique! These ads often use “glittering generalities” linked to highly valued items or concepts that evoke instant approval. For example, America Loves “patriotism” and connects with that and that is why Chevrolet and Ford use those themes to create an automotive positive response.

Promotions Advertisements

Last and most famous, is the category of Promotions! Every dealer has done promotions, some do more, some do less. Promotions drive excitement and drive traffic if done correctly. The attraction of getting something for free or earning awards makes automobile promotions successful. Limited time offers and entry deadlines add urgency to the dealers advertising Creating urgency and call to action.

Billions are spent on automotive advertising, and millions are wasted. Knowing how to use all of these techniques can cut the waste factor out of advertising and still increase results!

So what are you waiting for? Get the Edge… The Baer Edge!