Internet Marketing Services

How can I get more leads from my website? How can I make my website work for me and become more of a tool and an extension of my business than a fancy brochure? These are all the issues that The Baer Edge can solve for you! The internet is now the foundation of all advertising. All advertising must be supported by your digital platform. Website, social media, mobile, it doesn't matter, The Baer Edge can bring your business digital! The internet medium is what communicates with your customer and not only gives them validation but employs your customer to engage!


Broadcast is the most powerful form of media. It educates, it informs and it validates! Broadcast with the advancement of the internet, a winning combination that can send your business over the edge!

Market Research

Want more $ales? Want to $pend less money? Eliminate the waste! Stop guessing! Gain your unfair share by capturing more than your fair share!


TOUCH IT. FEEL IT. GRAB IT & GO! No we're not talking about the next greatest fabric softener or a popular fast food chain - we're talking about Print Advertising and it's benefits. Print media is one of the few advertising components that customers can actually have in their hands - as an information piece, a reminder, or a keepsake.

Automotive Marketing Services

Car buying has changed! Internet changed the auto industry! Did you change your advertising strategy to maintain & grow sales? Time to cut the waste factor out of your advertising, call us and we will show you how!


Powerful. Impactful. Lasting. Motivational. Conceptual. Passionate. Successful. Do these words invoke a feeling inside of you - create an emotional consciousness and awareness to yourself? Wouldn't you want customers to feel the same way when they see your advertising message? Great production connects your product to your customer and that's what gives you the marketing edge!